About us

Financial coaching for the discerning investor

Veritas Financial Services has offices in Plymouth and Oshkosh, Wisconsin but works with investors nationwide.

What does it take to be a successful investor?

We have identified Seven Key Characteristics that our most enduring clients demonstrate:

  • You live your life by principles like honesty, integrity and hard work.
  • You know the value of a dollar, and you’ve worked hard for each one of them.
  • They have worked hard to earn, save and accumulate their money.  They want investments vehicles that work as hard for them as they did to make it.
  • You believe wealth is more than money – there are personal, social, spiritual and human elements to wealth.
  • You are open to learning about new ideas and not fearful of  abandoning old when you get great education and advice.
  • As an Investor, you  know science and sound strategy trumps marketing glamour and ‘aim before you fire’.
  • You know what you do well and it’s most likely not financial planning or you’d be a financial coach.
  • You care about value and quality and reward professionals with your trust and business.

These Seven Key Characteristics have been the foundation for every enduring relationship we have, and we will use them to help you be a successful investor. We look for these characteristics in everyone we work with. Whether you are  a business owner, retired professional or woman on her own, we will give you the coaching you need to be successful.

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