For the Do-It-Yourself Investor

Margaret Wittkopp is the founder and CEO of Veritas Financial Services. Her many years of working with clients with big portfolios, small portfolios, and those just beginning to invest have given her the experience that investors crave for their financial mentor.

We spearhead a talk on the ‘American Dream’. What it is, what others perceive it to be, and overall, just a discussion on the nuances of the concept from a financial standpoint.

In This Episode:

After some success in day trading, self-traders may be tempted to go all in, like self-directing their 401k, but Margie shares some thoughts on this and why it is likely to be a bad idea.

Margie provides real-world examples of how DIY traders have tried and failed and why it always pays to be informed by a financial mentor before buying into whatever stock that strikes your fancy.

(01:34) What is a day trader?
(05:12) Value of regular training
(08:15) DIY trading: The price you pay

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You can also get in touch with Margie directly via email at margaret.wittkopp@veritasinvesting.com