Investing Versus Gambling: 3 Warning Signs

Margaret Wittkopp is the founder and CEO of Veritas Financial Services. Her many years of working with clients with big portfolios, small portfolios, and those just beginning to invest have given her the experience that investors crave for their financial mentor.

We spearhead a talk on the ‘American Dream’. What it is, what others perceive it to be, and overall, just a discussion on the nuances of the concept from a financial standpoint.

In This Episode:

In today’s episode, Margaret Wittkopp, Founder and CEO of Veritas Financial Services, sheds lights on three common pitfalls that turns investors into gamblers. From stock picking to track record investing to market timing, many would-be investors forget that having assets of dissimilar correlation is the key successful investing.

Margie discusses in detail how even just one of the three pitfalls can derail your American Dream. She also shares practical tips so you can catch yourself when your investing starts becoming speculating and gambling.


(02:02) Warning sign 1: Stock picking
(04:26) Warning sign 2: Track record investing
(07:50) Warning sign 3: Market timing
(11:15) Turnover: Indicator of gambling vs investing

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