Apathy – The Last Stage Before Bondage

Apathy – The Last Stage Before Bondage

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode they discuss the apathy of investors. Our failure to ask questions, confusion over financial acronyms and jargon, and the overabundance of investing information online and in advertising can create apathetic investors that sit back and watch it happen or refuse to participate in the markets.


(1:05) Financial freedom – living your purpose

(2:08) Apathy of investing

(4:58) The contributors to investing apathy

(8:11) Putting trust in the wrong adviser and wrong investing methods

(10:00) The ups and downs of the market

(11:39) Evaluating your investing attitude

(13:58) Investing is your responsibility

(16:46) Peace of mind in investing

(18:22) Clarify your vision and version of the American Dream

(20:29) Opportunities through market volatility, risk, and diversity

(23:00) Dismantling apathy – get empowered




Key Links:

Veritas Financial Services, LLC Website: http://veritasinvesting.com/

Two-day seminar provides an extraordinary financial education opportunity called the American Dream Experience (Event link)