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ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE MARKETS? Click Here to listen to Mark Matson’s commentary on the portfolio’s recent returns over the past few years. Learn to Love the Bear is another presentation that is all about Bear Markets!

Below are a list of recorded and online courses available for viewing:

Online Courses:

Myths and Truths of InvestingChoosing Your Investment Philosophy, and Costs: The Dark Side of Investing

Recorded Courses:

Separating Investing Myths from Truth: This our cornerstone class that explain the four pervasive investing myths that destroy your wealth, and three strategies that can overcome them.  These strategies build a disciplined investment approach, grounded in science and academia.

Save the Investor: This class looks at investing from the big picture. We discuss the investor’s dilemma, and how it traps many investors into a cycle of worry, despair, and losses.

Gearing up for the Next Crash: In this class we’ll look at how you can prepare yourself mentally for the next crash, and how saavy investors make the best of these situations.

Finding the Courage to Rebalance: In this class we’ll look at how people end up breaking these rules, and what crucial role rebalancing plays.

The Sky is Falling-Not: In this class we’ll look at historic market corrections and how in reality many of them had no real lasting impacts for prudent long term investors.