Commissions Work – But for Whom?

Commissions Work – But for Whom?

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti as they continue exploring the two worlds of investing with the goal of transforming the investor experience. Today they discuss how commissions influence the ‘sales’ of investments and what that means to the investor.

Listen in on this episode as Margie and Jim contrast investor prediction syndrome versus a robust academically rooted investment philosophy.



(6:12) Fiduciary vs. brokers selling you something

(9:20) In the best interest of the clients

(12:02) Alternate forms of investing

(17:20) Mutual funds and commissions

(18:45) Financial MRI – a deep dive into funds in your portfolio

(20:45) Your relationship to money – the behavioral science behind the money

(21:30) 20 Must Answer Questions for Investing

(23:50) Commissions set up a potential conflict of interest for an advisor


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20 Must Answer Questions20 Must Answer Questions for Investing

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