Diversification – What is it, really?

Diversification – What is it, really?

Today’s episode discusses the definition of diversification in investing. Many people think that holding many stocks or bonds qualifies as diversity.  Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in their discussion as they explore a more complex and accurate definition of diversity and its importance to your portfolio.


(01:00) Listener’s Corner

(6:30) Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory – assembling a portfolio of assets so the expected return is maximized for a given level of risk

(8:12) What diversification is not…

(10:51) Market volatility can be advantageous

(11:35) Exchanging hope and uncertainty for one of confidence and abundance in investing

(13:43) Creating a complex, diversified portfolio

(16:57) Stewardship and putting your wealth to work

(20:00) Diversification, newly defined

(23:48) Fiduciaries consider rebalancing as an important activity

(24:56) Invitation to American Dream Experience Special Introduction (Event link)


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