Truth #42 – Easy Lie — Hard Truth

Truth #42 – Easy Lie — Hard Truth

Join Jim Rosetti and Margaret Wittkopp in this episode, they discuss the two worlds of investing.

Listen in as they discuss prediction syndrome vs. robust, empirically tested, academic investing. They challenge the truths you thought you knew – specifically that investing involves choosing the right stocks at the right time to build your portfolio. See if you can determine the language and methods used for predication syndrome.



(4:45) Do you prefer the easy lie or the hard truth?

(6:33) Path of least resistance is an easy road to walk down

(7:48) Clue: Examine high turnover rates in your portfolio

(9:00) Invite to Empowered Investor Series presentations

(10:12) Clue: The claim that experts can beat the market

(11:50) Some hard truths

(12:40)  The investment industry is set up for its own well being

(14:05) Buyer beware and be aware

(15:52) Clue: Forward-thinking language equates with speculation

(17:05) Diversification is your friend

(18:45) Be empowered and educated, the American Dream Experience invitation

(21:13) Clue: Good stories are most likely too good to be true (cryptocurrency and commodities)

(23:54) Have a solid financial plan that you understand


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