Separating the Myths of Investing – Know the Truths

Separating the Myths of Investing – Know the Truths

November 11, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Veritas Financial Services
506 E Mill St
Ste 101 Plymouth
Patricia Ubbelohde

A repeat financial education opportunity that will explain the ‘how & why’ of what we do and it will go through ‘what works and what doesn’t work’ with your investing mindset, strategy, and results.

If you have recently attended an American Dream Experience you will find that this is a very different event and supplements all the great work you’ve been doing. Layers of education are the very best way to commit new or complicated concepts to memory and remain committed for the long run.

Join Margie and Jeremy for one of the two upcoming sessions scheduled on November 11th or November 13th and allow us to help you understand what is truth and what is myth.

There are two opportunities:
November 11th at 6pm
November 13th at 12pm

RSVP to 920-893-5262

Are you signed up to come with us? Take a look for more information here and please don’t hesitate to call Margaret, Jeremy, or Patricia at 920-893-5262.

Can’t make it this event? There are more opportunities in the near future.