Five Deadly Investor Mistakes

Five Deadly Investor Mistakes

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode, they discuss five deadly mistakes investors can make.

Control the controllable and let everything else just happen.  — Mark Matson, Matsonisms

Listen in on this episode as Margie and Jim explore ways to structure for success and let it happen.



(2:00) Do you have confidence in your financial future?

(3:50) We advocate for scientific principles, shown over time and audited by a 3rd party.

(7:50) Mistake number one, too much money in one stock or asset class

(9:11) Number two, mistaking portfolio activity for control

(11:40) Valuing financial gurus, past performance, and the cost of turnover

(12:51) Using a mantra like this, “I’ll stop when I get even”

(14:00) And, seeking individual stocks or indicies, the perfect time or valuing, not rebalancing

(13:35) Empowering today’s investor

(18:00) MorningStar ratings study

(19:40) Conflicts of interest and fiduciary responsibility – Violation Tracker

(22:54) Case for diversification and the application


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