Gamification – Growing Wealth vs Gambling

Gamification – Growing Wealth vs Gambling

In today’s episode, we take a closer look at growing wealth vs gambling or gaming. The addiction to games has crept into the investing world – what does that mean for responsible investing?.  Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in their discussion as they explore passive vs aggressive investing and alternatives to gaming your financial future.


(01:00) Listener’s Corner- Finding airtight confidence with money and your future

(3:27) The irresponsible investor

(6:11) Choosing your purpose and aligning your financial future, creating your American Dream (Event link)

(7:50) Gamification and investing

(10:55) Addiction and money

(14:45) Viewing money as a tool

(18:05) Financial education helps to align confidence and purpose of investing

(20:54) Active vs passive investing, a different view of the market

(25:00) Taking the guesswork out of investing


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