Good Stewardship and Money

Good Stewardship and Money

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode they discuss stewardship. What are our responsibilities around our time, talents, material possessions, or wealth and how are they used or given for the service of God in relation to investing?


(:49) Listener’s Corner – the Bible, Investing, and Wealth

(2:52) Living an abundant life

(3:42) Your relationship to money

(5:00) Being a good steward means avoiding greed

(6:48) Parable of the talents

(8:50) Sharing wealth

(11:26) Speculating and gambling vs. prudent investing

(16:05) Squandering wealth

(18:59) Money as your God

(21:00) Stewardship, money,  and investing

(23:40) Covetedness

(25:00) Using your money wisely



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