Have a most prosperous 2022

Have a most prosperous 2022

Join Jim Rosetti and Margaret Wittkopp in this episode, they discuss prosperity and abundance in 2022 and how to get it for you and your family.

Listen in as they chat about ‘making the most of it while we are here’ and defining abundance.


(2:30) Abundance and prosperity, a Veritas tenet

(4:45) Success and abundance is created

(5:10) Taking stock in 2022

(7:24) Creating a business plan for your life

(8:24) Live life according to your purpose

(10:24) The mindset of abundance

(16:52) Finding your formula for abundant success

(18:30) Listen cautiously to media as the markets move up and down

(21:14) An engineered portfolio helps to ride out market flucuations

(23:37) American Experience Invite


Key Links:

Veritas Financial Services, LLC Website: http://veritasinvesting.com/

Two-day seminar provides an extraordinary financial education opportunity called the American Dream Experience (Event link)

Veritas Financial Services extends invitations to everyone to our educational presentations.