Inflation Returns – It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Inflation Returns – It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Investing to grow wealth requires a good base of education

In this episode:

The investment industry is set up for its own success and not necessarily that of the investor. Join Margaret Wittkopp in this discussion about empowering investors with the right terminology, choosing the right investing professional, the importance of your connection to money, avoiding gambling with your investments, and much, much more, as Veritas kicks off a new version of their weekly podcasts.


(04:20) Financial advisor vs financial coach

(07:00) The quandary of feeling like there is never enough money

(10:30) Conflicts of interest built into the investing industry

(14:00) Diversification is more complicated than generally believed

(15:10) The ‘no-talk’ rule of money

(20:50) Investing is a great way to grow wealth

(22:35) There is a better way to invest

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