Dismantling Investor Prediction Syndrome

Dismantling Investor Prediction Syndrome

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode they discuss the risks of investor prediction syndrome. Understanding how markets work, our biases, and the trendy DIY investing tools is a must for attaining your American Dream.


(1:10) Listener’s Corner

(3:23) Putting chaos into perspective

(4:26) Predicting the future lies in the science of investing

(8:47) Defining investor prediction syndrome

(9:49) The pervasiveness of investor prediction syndrome

(11:35) The screens through which we see the world

(14:15) Financial coaching helps us to hear what we ‘need’ to know not just what we ‘want’ to know

(17:20) Putting yourself in a place to make empowered decisions

(18:04) Taking a back seat to investing can be financially unhealthy

(25:51) Two-day seminar provides an extraordinary financial education opportunity called the American Dream Experience (Event link)



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Veritas Financial Services, LLC Website: http://veritasinvesting.com/