Lie Number 4 – Track Record Investing Works

Lie Number 4 – Track Record Investing Works

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode, they discuss the risks of using track record investing as criteria for choosing an advisor or funds to invest in your financial future.

Returns come from the market, not the manager.  — Mark Matson, Matsonisms

Listen in on this episode as Margie and Jim explore investor prediction syndrome.



(2:00) Listener’s Corner

(3:30) How to find an advisor? Try Wealthramp.

(5:00) The past does not predict the future.

(5:50) MorningStar ratings… star gazing?

(7:40) SPIVA scorecard reports recent benchmarks

(10:09) Using past performance and forecasting is tantamount to gambling

(10:59) Empirically tested academic principles has demonstrated the opposite

(13:35) Empowering today’s investor

(16:15) American Dream Experience – investing in education

(19:40) Conflicts of interest and fiduciary responsibility – Violation Tracker

(24:30) Active management is really hyper-trading and filled with costly fees


Key Links:

Veritas Financial Services, LLC Website:

Two-day seminar provides an extraordinary financial education opportunity called the American Dream Experience (Event link)

Wealthramp – Wealthramp is an SEC-registered referral service that connects consumers with rigorously vetted and qualified fee-only financial advisors.

Violation Tracker – Violation Tracker, produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First, is a wide-ranging database on misconduct by large and small corporations.

Veritas Financial Services extends invitations to everyone to our educational presentations.