The Lies My Broker Taught Me

The Lies My Broker Taught Me

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode as they discuss the media and brokerage messaging in the investment industry. Misinformation, lack of complete information some plain old sleight of hand creates confusion when an investor is seeking the truth.


(:45) The Dirty Filthy Lies My Broker Taught Me and the 101 Truths of Money and Investing by Mark Matson – a book offer

(2:45) The importance of financial freedom

(4:48) Lies perpetuated by the investment industry

(7:11) Speculating with your portfolio

(8:23) Statistics as lies

(10:12) Evaluating your investing attitude

(13:58) Revenue sharing – ‘an industry secret’

(14:35) Extending unearned trust too easily

(16:50) Complacency vs the DIY approach to investing

(17:45) Using a financial coach to keep investing on track

(18:50) The importance of GIPS audited returns

(20:43) RIA – registered investment advisor

(22:00) Costs: churn and activity



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