Myths of Investing

Myths of Investing

Join Jim Rosetti and guest host, Jeremy Burri in today’s episode, they discuss some of the myths of investing.

Listen in on this episode as Jeremy discusses three of the myths of investing; stock picking, track record investing and the true cost of investing.



(3:45) Myth: stock picking is predictable by the right person or company

(10:00) Over time regulation has added more transparency to stock picking

(10:40) The right question to ask your advisor…

(11:36) Track record investing may be bundled into mutual fund design

(13:16) Myths look logical and appear as common sense

(14:40) Confusing skill and luck

(20:37) Myth: cost and expenses of investing are transparent

(21:50) Avoiding speculating and gambling with investing based on science and academics – Veritas and Matson Money

(23:00) American Dream Experience invitiation


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