Two Worlds of Investing

Two Worlds of Investing

Join Margaret Wittkopp and Jim Rosetti in today’s episode, they discuss the two distinct worlds of investing; prediction and forecasting vs empirically tested scientific principles as the basis for your investment strategy.


(:20) American Dream Experience – Two days filled with AHA moments

(6:05) Digging into the two worlds of investing

(8:05) Your relationship with money requires education

(10:05) Scarcity and abundance

(12:50) World number one – investor predication syndrome

(15:43) Participating in the free  market for wealth building

(18:05 ) World number two – academic principles first recognized in the 1950s

(21:17) The language of investing, weighing emotion and fear

(24:02) The components of academic investing


Key Links:

Veritas Financial Services, LLC Website:

Two-day seminar provides an extraordinary financial education opportunity called the American Dream Experience (Event link)