About Us: Our Philosophy

Veritas means truth

I believe so strongly about truth in investing that I chose to incorporate this word when I started Veritas Financial Services, LLC in 2004. Our mission at Veritas Financial Services is to educate people on the truths of investing and to help people move from a life of scarcity to one of abundance. We do this through a philosophy of free-market investing.

Free market investing promotes prudent asset allocation and discipline, without focusing on fund managers or past performance. Instead, we focus on the science of investing. We focus on utilizing efficient markets and also cost management, without the need for traditional industry tactics like revenue sharing. We avoid guarantees offered by insurance companies; many of which take control of investor’s assets under the guise of guaranteed income and costly benefit riders.

Discovering the truth

Discovering the truth meant immersing myself in the subject of investing. I studied everything that I could find by taking classes and educating myself. I was tenacious and even challenged the instructors. After a class on the costs of investing, I went home and read all the pages of an S & P report on a mutual fund I customarily had used; and for the first time, the cost of trading the portfolio became clear.

In the fine print, the truth stared at me “the expense ratio does not include the cost of trading the portfolio”. I began calculating the costs of transactions I’d been recommending to clients and discovered unnecessary costs of 1.5%-4.5%. Since that day, I’ve begun transforming my business and my client’s lives with this single truth that has made all the difference with free-market investing.


Financial Coaches: Margaret Wittkopp and Jeremy Burri

About Margaret Wittkopp

My journey began over 20 years ago when I joined a large investment firm. I believed that we were creating financial success for our clients. What I discovered was that even though they claimed full disclosure, in reality, they were divulging only limited details. That tied my hands, and it became clear that I couldn’t function in this environment.

To continue serving my clients I had to become an independent advisor. An advisor who provides full disclosure and is committed to the truth in investing. I would not build my dream on the backs of people who already worked hard for their financial stability and success. Putting my clients’ financial future first allows me to achieve my own success through honest gain because of full disclosure. I take my fiduciary responsibility to heart.

A good financial coach tells you what you need to know NOT necessarily what you may want to hear.  No matter what the consequences. I am proud of the work we do at Veritas because we are steadfastly dedicated to advocating for the investor and their families.


About Jeremy Burri

I am proud of Veritas, team Veritas,  and Veritas’s direction – because,… we are fighting to save the investor from a lifetime of speculating and gambling, by giving them the power to powerfully choose for themselves which investment approach serves them best.

A good financial coach is someone who listens.  One who can understand where you are at in your life, and also where you want to go.  A good coach keeps you accountable to do what is necessary and appropriate for the long run and will push you to avoid actions that feel comfortable in the moment.

These are the ideals, philosophy, and strength that Veritas can bring to our clients.