You Are Different

Financial investing. What do you know? Are you in control of your money, financial goals and your  future?
Take an active role in your financial future with confidence. At Veritas our educational approach gives you the information you need to invest and live with confidence.

We Are Different By Design

Skip the sales pitch and get to the important details of investing. That’s our focus. No commissions and no broker-dealer arrangements means we are fully transparent about our fees so more of your money gets invested.

Knowledge Is Power…be empowered!

Knowledge is power when it comes to investing. Take time to learn what you need to know about financial investing. We make learning easy but we also make it a priority. Every client must be part of the investment decision making process. But not before you understand how your money will be working for you.

Integrity Is The Difference

Committed to your financial investing success is not just our motto, it’s what we do. Our clients know that we will tell them the truth. No scare tactics or intimidation. No fluffy “feel good jargon” just to keep you as a client, only the truth about what is best for you. Always.

Veritas Financial Service is an independent fee-based financial firm focusing on: Investing, taxes, financial planning, wealth and estate planning issues and risk management.


Margaret Wittkopp

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